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Friday, September 25, 2015

AU vs MSU Poem


At Auburn, it's not ALL about football!!
It's ALL about family!!
Each and every fan and team member,
Make up our family tree!!

When we see a brother who's struggling,
We comfort him with family love!!
We work together, sharing any troubles;
Asking guidance from above!

When our Auburn Tigers face adversity,
We will stay  close together and ALL IN!!
Knowing that family love keeps us together,
And together we find ways  to win!

Sometimes when clouds seem the darkest;
A silver cloud can break its way through!!
It's never too late for optimism,
For the Family wearing orange and blue!

We must not feel down and defeated!!
We must stay together ALL IN and fight!!
Knowing that the sun comes up in the morning;
Even after the darkest night!

Auburn Tigers,  your family loves you!!
We are in this ALL together!!
We stay beside you always,
No matter what the weather!!

Stand  up to the MSU Bulldogs!!
We are ALL IN with you do or die!
When we soar on the  wings of an Eagle!
There is no limit to how high we can fly!!!

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