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Sunday, September 20, 2015

More Questions Than Answers

Auburn had many questions about it's football team this past Saturday. The hows and the whys were everywhere last week as many of the Auburn faithful found more questions than answers in a home win in overtime to an FCS school.

Saturday we saw an Auburn team dismantled by a hungry LSU team. 

We saw another big powerful back have a career day, and an Auburn defense unable to do anything about it. We saw an inexperienced QB have his way as our Tigers looked helpless in all phases of the defense. The LSU QB was 12 of 17 with a TD and zero interceptions. 

Auburn offensively looks like a squad that abandoned it's approach to football altogether. Our number one RB was only allowed to carry the ball 7 times the entire game. Peyton Barber continues to prove he is the man with 4.9 yards per carry even in the loss. Yet, inexplicably Barber wasn't a factor in the game.

While Jeremy Johnson went just 11 of 19 with 2 TD's, he battled with yet another interception. Auburn's passing game looks completely ineffective. Most of the positive plays were late into the second half when it looked like LSU was playing the backups.

The first Auburn drive started with some promise, and ended on a sadly comical fumble by the Auburn QB. The play was a precursor of what was to come.

"We obviously got off to a bad start," he said. "Our offense in the first half didn't give us a chance, and really put us behind. It didn't give any life to the defense." said Gus Malzahn.
"Bottom line, we got our rear kicked."

How could Auburn's offense look so anemic? Why doesn't Jeremy Johnson, the Auburn QB run the ball like previous Auburn QB's have?

How badly injured is Carl Lawson? Will our defense start resembling any of the Will Muschamp defenses of the past? 
Those many questions are still unanswered. Now, there are a few more to add. 

A September loss does not kill a teams chances for a good season. Maybe LSU is the class of the West in the SEC. In the weeks to come we will find out the answers, and maybe this Auburn team can put the questions behind them.


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