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Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Close Call in Auburn

My view of the Auburn stadium as I walked into the campus on Saturday morning. I even donated money to the Auburn Church of Christ where I normally park for good karma. By the way, thank you for watching my truck.

This game brought back memories of the Auburn/Memphis State game that I attended as a student in 1975. Auburn was a heavy favorite and Memphis State came in and upset Auburn by a score of 31-20. It is always a bad feeling to watch opposing fans celebrate a victory in the home stadium of your Alma mater.

As I watched the game, I had no thoughts of Auburn losing this game. Jacksonville State was a 41 point underdog and I saw various predictions indicating that Auburn's new scoreboard would be lighting up in Auburn's favor. 

I came away from this game with these thoughts.

  •  This was the second mobile QB that Auburn has faced and they continue to have issues with containment. The defense does need to work on containing the opposing QB in the pocket.
  • Jeremy Johnson continues to struggle with making his reads and the Auburn offense needs to find an identity. Jeremy is a pocket passer playing in a spread offense. He just needs to work his confidence and go through the progressions before deciding where to throw the ball.
  • Roc Thomas looked good at the wide receiver position. Perhaps a position change could help the offense. 
  • Auburn needs Carl Lawson and Tray Matthews on the field. 
  • The targeting rule still needs to be reviewed by the officiating crews.  
I will take one game at a time and hope for improvement. The Auburn/LSU game next weekend could be low scoring since both QB's are trying to find their way. We need to remember that Auburn has not won at LSU since 1999 so it is time to break the streak.

Keep the faith and War Eagle!

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