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Friday, November 28, 2014

Iron Bowl: A Moment For 0:01 Chances

With just moments away from another Iron Bowl,
We have a Second Chance to right all the wrongs!!
Another chance for TOOMER's corner to be rolled;
Another moment to sing the War Eagle Song!!!

Time is short till we travel to T Town!;
And, with every second the tension mounts!!
Our Tigers are digging deep, where courage is found!!
Experience tells us that each second counts!!

Our men will work harder than ever before!!
And be willing to do whatever it takes!!
Fast and early, they will takeover the score;
Knowing the importance of all that's at stake!!

This will be our moment of redemption!
Its a moment of time for reprieve!
Its a day to release pent up tension!
And keep going till a victory we achieve!!

I believe Auburn will bring With them their magic!!
I believe that Auburn dreams really do come true!!
And every second that the clock ticks;
Brings more power to Orange and blue!!!

Bring on the noise!! Bring on the Bama Boys!!
Our Auburn Men are bringing a Sonic Boom!!!!
We'll be getting an early gift of Holiday Joy!
While Bama gets only doom and gloom!!

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