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Thursday, November 6, 2014

AU/Texas A&M Poem Nov 8, 2014

Military Appreciation Day this Saturday in JHS

The Ole Miss game was a back and forth battle!!
But nothing could stop our Auburn men!!
Remaining calm, they never got rattled!
And, in the end found a way to win!!
Each opponent we face, keeps us raising the bar!
We are dodging bullets from all around!!
It's no longer a battle but an out and out war!!
And Our Auburn Tigers keep standing their ground!!
Our goal is to be the champions of all!!!
But our focus is to be the best team on the field!!
We keep pushing forward and standing tall!
Never giving up, Never losing our will!!
Our Auburn Tigers have a strong winning desire!!
When the game gets close, they Believe they will win!!
Never giving up, They're a team on fire!!
They have proved it over and over again!!
So we must keep the Faith in our coaches and team!!!
They may stumble, but they refuse to fall down!!
We may bite our nails, close our eyes and scream!!!;
But a way to win will always be found!
Our Auburn Tigers continue to stay in the grind!!
Our speed will cause the Aggies to tire!
We will keep up the fight til a victory we find!!
Even if it gets down to the wire!!
Be prepared for another great victory!!
Get ready for an AUsome celebration!!
All this hard work will soon prove our worth 
to the entire football nation!!!
The Poetic Tiger

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