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Thursday, November 13, 2014

AU/Georgia 11/15/2014 Poem

Stand up Auburn Tigers;
There's more work to do!
The war is not over;
For the fearless and true!

Rise up from the ashes!!
Rekindle the fire!!
Search deep in your souls;
For that winning desire!!

You have closed out a chapter;
So now turn the page!!
There's no time for self pity, anger or rage!!

You are still champions!!
You will win again!!
Yesterday is over!!
Let the new day begin!!

It's always great to be an Auburn Tiger!!
We are your Auburn Family, 
We are with you do or die!!
We will stand behind you always!!
And on that you can rely!!

Put on your full armor!!
Set the pace,  keep your stride!!
And dominate the Georgia Bulldogs,
With confidence and pride!!

Step out on the field
With heart, body and soul,
Take control and never waver!!

Stay in it to the end, find away to win!
And the sweet taste of victory we will savor!!!!!!!

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