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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Samford and Alabama

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I was sitting in JHS this past Saturday, wondering if what I was witnessing resembled anything we would see against our arch rival next weekend. Auburn drummed Samford 31-7 this past Saturday, yet, I couldn't help but think the coaches were holding back.

Yes the team started slowly, and maybe Samford having the Tigers' signals had a little to do with it. When the fire was turned on, the Tigers went to burning. "I was there the day the defensive line woke up" is what I kept telling a friend on the phone.

I really think that all we saw was a vanilla copy of what we have seen all season long. At least, I hope so.

This Alabama team is getting all kinds of love from the media, and that's not surprising in the least. They are a good team.

Good, not great, at least not yet. They do however, have a really good coach. So, to think they won't be prepared for Auburn is taking your enemy lightly. Never, ever take your enemy lightly. Expect the unexpected.

That being said, I saw a shimmering light as I watched the game unfold last Saturday. A defensive line that had been playing below expectations, suddenly looked like a true SEC defensive line. This needs to continue for Auburn. 

The keys to victory over the Tide are the same as any big game. Turnovers, penalties, and missed assignments will tell the tale. Keep these three things in check, and victory will be ours.

If my hunch is correct, a sleeping giant has awoke, and he's pissed that he will miss the 1st dance known as the College Football Playoff.  That giant will make sure nobody else in our state goes either. Call it Auburn 42 Bama 17

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