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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thoughts on Arkansas State

 First of all, the Tigers won the game. That was goal #1. The second goal was to improve over last weeks performance. Goal #2 accomplished. Many areas of the team were much better this week vs. last. The Tigers won the game against a Sun Belt Conference team, the way we all expect them to, by a comfortable margin.

 Auburn's defensive front was vastly improved over any this writer has seen since 2010. Yes a valiant performance was given during the LSU game last season, although it is my opinion last night against Arkansas State, we saw much better play at every position. No less than eleven players were in the rotation in the first half. That is a thing of beauty.

 There are still some timing issues between the receivers and Nick Marshall the QB, although Marshall and WR Sammie Coates did finally complete a long pass that ended up as a touchdown. Funny thing is, I had just tweeted that I hope Sammie doesn't get frustrated with the lack of receptions, and their timing.

 Speaking of Marshall, he has a ways to go before he can be called a polished passer, but it took Cam until the fourth or fifth game to get settled in with his deep passes in 2010. Marshall sure can run the ball, and that is what this offense needs most to be successful. His first interception throw of the season was dropped, so he still doesn't have one of those, he did fumble however. QB needs to pick it up a notch as we are heading into conference play next week.

 Overall it was a much needed win, for the fans, and for the  guys. The defense did not allow a touchdown all night, and the offense put up 38 points. That missed my prediction of 45 for us, but the defense kept the Red Wolves well under what I thought they would score. I had predicted they would score 21, they only scored 9 points. I will gladly be wrong if this is how it's going to be.

Thanks to for Coach Malzahn's post game presser


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