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Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Beginning - The Gus Malzahn Era Begins

Time for reflections. photo by Randy Comer

 I am semi retired these days, so now I have more freedom with my schedule. I was never planning on attending the Auburn game with the Washington State Cougars.

 I just felt that it would be a good time to go since it would be Gus Malzahn's first game as the head coach at Auburn University. I can only imagine how he must have felt Saturday evening as he led the Auburn team on to the field on Saturday night.
 I arrived in Auburn about an hour prior to the kickoff and I even found a closer place to park. The walk to the stadium was pleasant and it actually felt like Auburn was playing an SEC opponent.

 You could tell that expectations were high for the first game of the season under Gus Malzahn. Judging from the crowd intensity and student section, it almost seemed that Auburn was playing UGA or Alabama.

  I did take some photos for this blog as I moved around the stadium and you can find the photos on instagram under rrcomer.

 I would like to commend the Washington State fans that I did meet for their compliments on the Auburn campus. I did visit the "Cougar" tent and all of the fans were friendly and full of questions about the SEC. One fan even said that they could take a class from Auburn on how to tailgate.  

 It was a great first win for Gus Malzahn and I expect that the Auburn fans may see some surprises this season. I feel that the future looks bright.
Keep the faith and War Eagle!
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