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Sunday, September 1, 2013

AU vs. WSU: Part II

 I really wanted to just comment and add onto Klell's post but the internet is not in a cooperating mood today.

 Whew! I am relieved that game is over and we came away with a victory!!

 I thought there were good things and bad things. During the game, I was a little upset, but my parents house is always an uproar of emotion on game days. My dad would yell at the TV if we were winning 100-0. 

 My sister and one of my nieces came over. My niece was supposed to go to the game but she got sick and was unable to go. Her sister went instead so she will go next week. At any rate, between my dad and sister, it was emotion everywhere!!

 After a chance to think a little, there were several things I liked. Yes there are still things to improve on but there are things to celebrate too!

 Nick Marshall: He had some poor plays but he didn't pout or quit. He just kept pounding away. I think he has some potential.

 Therezie: !!!! He was all over the field!! I was impressed with his timing and fight.

 Cameron Artis-Payne: I would've liked to see him run a little more. I think he's going to be great with the ground and pound game.

 Tre Mason: Wow! Dude is fast. He might need some glue on his hands though. I noticed, however, that the next series, he was very careful with ball security.

 Corey Grant: !!! Where have you been all this time??????

 Gabe Wright: A couple of great tackles! Room to work, but a great start!

ETA: Monrtavious Adams: Outstanding work by a true freshman!
   Steven Clark: As always, fabulous. They don't always look pretty, but they are rarely returned!!  Maybe he will win the Ray Guy this year.

 Cody Parkey: Great! Missed on 50 but got a career-long. I like that Parkey is honest about his goals. His kickoffs are stellar as well.

 There were a lot more, but those were just some that really stood out to me. Some things to work on, such as tacking, pass rush, catching the ball when it is thrown in your chest- but they didn't quit. They (both coaches and players)  fought til it said 00:00

War Eagle!
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