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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Thoughts on LSU

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The game stared well enough. Auburn running up the middle with good success, although not by comparison. More on that later. The first two run plays average 5.5 yards per carry, and then Marshall hits Ricardo Louis for 9 more yards, and Auburn is on their 45 yard line and moving the sticks with some ease.

Thoughts of "we can play with these guys" were running rampant in the back of my mind. That was soon to be erased with horror. A fumble, a muffed snap from center by our punter, and poor tackling gave way to a 14 -0 lead for the LSU gang, and we weren't even 7 minutes into the first quarter.

 The LSU tailback averaged well over 15 yards each time he touched the ball in the first stanza, and Auburn's defense had no answer. When we had someone hit him at the line of scrimmage, the attempt at tackle was around the ankles. Old habits are hard to break. The first quarter of that game was more like a nightmare. 

 After that horrendous start, Auburn's defense settled down, and the offense struggled somewhat. Therezie was all over the place, making tackles. Auburn however was still susceptible to the big play on occasion, and there were too many. LSU kept coming up with big plays. The half ended with LSU up 21-0.

 Our Tigers kept up the success of the second half adjustments, and came out fired up. Zach Mettenbergers first pass was intercepted by Jermaine Whitehead at midfield, and AU made the turnover count. Touchdown Auburn, made it 21 -7 and we were back in it with plenty of time left in the game. LSU comes up with another big play, this time a 46 yard pass and finishes the drive with a TD, and we are back where we started the second half, down by three scores.

 Seemingly, every time Auburn had some momentum going, LSU had an answer. Those purple and gold Tigers are a very good team. We helped them way more than we should have. Not making any excuses, just the simple truth here, We could have won that game, if we play mistake free ball. We didn't, and they deserved the win. We have lots of work to do.

 The best thing I witnessed last night? Our guys never gave up, even after I had. Our Tigers kept clawing, kept working, and believed they could win if they fought, and fight they did. It was a simple case of too many turnovers, and too many big plays allowed. Solve those two things, and this team can play with anybody in the country. I know they can do this. All that it takes is work, hard work. We all know something about that, don't we?

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