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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Thoughts on Mississippi State

 Sometimes what you see with your own eyes is so unbelievable, that you question yourself.   Sometimes, it's not about what you see. Saturday night, it was more about what we didn't see. We did not see quit in this team. We never saw doubt, nor did we see any member of this Auburn team give up.

Last night with everything on the line, and time running out in the fourth quarter, Nick Marshall led an Auburn team on a drive, that defined exactly what Coach Malzahn looks for in a winning Quarterback. 

The previous three Auburn drives finished Punt, Interception, Punt. There was hope, but it was clouded with so much doubt, that a 88 yard drive with just 1:56 left on the clock seemed impossible. I thought the moment was too big for Marshall. I could never be more happy to be wrong.

 Last week I penned this: Speaking of Marshall, he has a ways to go before he can be called a polished passer, but it took Cam until the fourth or fifth game to get settled in with his deep passes in 2010. Marshall sure can run the ball, and that is what this offense needs most to be successful. His first interception throw of the season was dropped, so he still doesn't have one of those, he did fumble however. QB needs to pick it up a notch as we are heading into conference play next week.

 That last drive against Miss St.  Nick Marshall looked and performed every bit as polished as an SEC QB can be.

 We still don't have have a handle on just what kind of season we will have. We could be 6-6, or we could be 9-3. There is also a lot of things for the coaches to work on, to help these players get better. I see improvement. Not by leaps and bounds, more like step by step. Will it be enough to win more conference games? Who knows.

There are not any easy teams in the conference on Auburn's schedule. A big step was taken last night, and some confidence was gained. If we never give up, we have a chance to succeed.

Thanks to for the post game press conference video.

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