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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reflections: Is AU Football "Back"?

Tiger Walk: A tradition like no other.

 As I write this, I am unable to feel comfortable with a title to this post. Maybe one will emerge as I struggle with some things that are rolling around in the vast open spaces of my mind.

 One thing I know for certain, is that Auburn football is alive and well. I am forever grateful for Coach Malzahn and his staff. Their coaching abilities are starting to really shine as we progress into the season. 

 The first half of the LSU game started miserably for sure. Things like that happen occasionally. On the road, in this conference, it usually spells doom. Usually.

Maybe had Auburn's QB not worn gloves in the first quarter, things would have been different. Certainly if our punter had not bobbled the snap after the second drive stalled deep in our territory. Who knows? Trust me, as I bang these keys, I am not making excuses. Far from it. 

 In July, while filling time with preseason picks, and such, I wrote this:
"LSU is both deep in reserves, and well coached. Their record over Miles' tenure proves that to be the case. Auburn's question is this: Are we physically strong enough to play 4 quarters with the upper crust of the SEC West? 
 The Bengal Tigers have a huge advantage in this one by virtue of being at home. Between traveling to Baton Rouge, and not knowing just how well our conditioning really was this summer, I have to pick LSU as the winner in this one, but they will know that Auburn is back! LSU 31 Auburn 30"

The conditioning program works. The mental toughness has returned. The will to win is breathing, and the heartbeat of this team is strong!

 LSU's own Jeremy Hill, who rushed for 184 yards and 2 TD's, said this after the game about Auburn. “I don’t think we let up. I think those guys just adjusted.  That’s what SEC teams do. That’s the biggest difference when you play against non-conference teams.”-via 247 Sports &

 The title of this post is posed as a question. Yes, it is meant to engage each of you in discussion as to your opinion on the subject. As for myself, after watching our Tigers play last Saturday night, I can say this with confidence: AUBURN FOOTBALL IS BACK!

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