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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I wrote this article when I first started with Bleacher Report. As time has progressed every site I visit has this theme at sometime or another. I wanted to share it with you here.

After you've finished reading it, comment on some of the best games you have been to.

The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was raucous, as Auburn was hosting LSU. The year was 1994.
I was there with one of my closest friends, Gary. We had attended several Auburn games together. We involved our entire families, wives, children, and always had a great time.
This time however it was just the two of us. We had decided at the last moment to go to the game, instead of watching on TV.
The Tiger Walk that day was really something to behold!
Our tickets ended up being in the upper deck, along side many LSU fans. The guy I was sitting next to from LSU had been talking about how they had been improving every week, and that he felt they had a better than average chance at beating Auburn this time. Gary was sitting next to three girls who were LSU fans. Just my luck, I get the guy who knows football, I digress.
During warm ups I had mentioned to the Bengal Tiger fan that, #9 Ken Albis was worth watching. He could leap, and run with anybody. How could I know what was about to transpire?
Unfortunately as Auburn fans the Tigers weren't playing at their best on offense. As usual, the defense was good enough to keep Auburn in the game.
Auburn of course was down in the fourth quarter, and staged the impossible. Not one but two comebacks. The first to tie the game, the second to win it.
The worst part was, after the field goal to put LSU back up with very little time to play. Gary and I were getting some pretty ruff treatment from some of the other LSU fans around us. We decided rather than fight a no-chance fight we would just leave.
I had brought with me a radio headset so I could listen to the pre-game shows and hear Jim Fyffe call the game. So when we were outside the stadium I put the radio headset back on, and started repeating Fyffe's call of the game.
While we were at the intersection by the Athletic dorm we could the roar inside the stadium and I was yelling, "Brian Robinson, Brian Robinson" at the top of my lungs. Just then I yelled, "TOUCHDOWN AUUBBBBBUUUURRRRRNNNN!!!!!"
There were hugs, and high fives galore. Gary and I recieved invitations to several tailgate parties by those who surrounded us that day. We just decided to head on back home and enjoy the trip listening to the post game show, sore throats and all.
It's games like this that come around once in a lifetime. I was there, and for the most part, a witness. Another special moment in Auburn Tiger football history.
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