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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloggin For Your Tiger Noggin’

Well it’s game week. The last one for our beloved Tigers, for quite awhile.

Coach Chizik said the first practice was “rusty”. As evidenced here:

It appears that tight end Phillip Lutzenkirchen will play a lot more in the Bowl game than at anytime this season. He will fill in at the H Back position, which has been decimated with suspensions. Here’s how Mr. “Lutz” feels about it:

Charles Goldberg of fame has a look at what might possibly be up Coach Malzahn’s sleeves.

Coach Chizik has been vocal about Wide Out Derek Winter this season. Check out what he says here, as posted by Andy Bitter over at War Eagle Extra.

WR Derek Winter is a Tampa native. Although he hasn't done much this year (his one catch came against Furman), Chizik had good things to say about the sophomore. "This kid works," Chizik said. "He's the epitome of hard work. When you look at Auburn's creed, in there it talks about work, hard work. He is what the creed says and he is what Auburn believes in."

High praise indeed.

It’s not all work this week in Tampa. Both teams went to Busch Gardens this afternoon. Enjoy Mr. Goldberg’s video here.

I was cruising the web as usual when I ran up on this unique perspective from Jay G. Tate at The Hottest Auburn Blog on The Net. It’s worth your time.

We will catch up later in the week.
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