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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The entire Tyrik Rollinson episode is truly a sad one.
Hyped by even his High School coach, Rollinson hit the Plains with fanfare, and lots of enthusiasm. Quotes from his Facebook page were enthusiastic.
The happiness soon turned to gut-check time, when reports started surfacing about his grades, that may not be good enough to qualify. That was handled, and qualify he did.
Once he got to Auburn, and started getting ready for fall practice,
 and into fall practice, we never heard any praise for his efforts.
Then came the redshirt.
Then came the suspension!
Now we are being informed by Tyrik via his Facebook page "it's time for me to move on"

We truly are sad at his decision to leave Auburn, whatever the reasons are. We wish him the best of luck, and continuance of a great education.

Thanks to the Goldmine, at, for the video from last fall's practice, and the news report about Tyrik's Facebook page.

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