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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some very good news for Auburn fans and coaches today, courtesy of Charles Goldberg at

Also from, for this piece about prospective 2011 recruit Jonathan Rose.

Beaver has got the recruiting groove working again, this time it’s broke down on Defense.

I had a very interesting conversation about one of Auburn’s players with a gentleman the other day. The player we discussed? Eltoro Freeman.
We agreed Eltoro Freeman has the best name for a linebacker in all of college football. Yes, we are both Auburn fans. The thing was, the guy I had the talk with thought Eltoro’s play and attitude last year were a disappointment. I respectfully disagreed with him on the attitude part. Then I reminded him of this.
I want you to listen carefully to the part where Eltoro is talking about his commitment to Auburn.

Thanks again to Charles Goldberg, who covers the Auburn beat, for such a good job at
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