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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloggin For Your Tiger Noggin’
With KoolBell


There are many who see this upcoming spring Quarterback competition as the most crucial in anyone’s recent memory.

First let us examine why it is so critical that the coaching staff at Auburn get this right.
Most important in the minds of the AU faithful is the absolute must of beating Alabama. This past Iron Bowl was a competitive, fun (in some ways), and exciting as any. That leaves Auburn fans with sense that the program may be closer to stepping into the National spotlight and competing with the best. Most of which just happens to reside in the SEC.

Secondly, this new offense has found much favor among the traditionalists at Auburn. To put it into perspective, run first to set up the pass. Auburn has a long line of running backs that permeate thru the pro ranks, and the SEC historical stats. The Tigers have very few QB’s that they can hang their history hat on. The Auburn faithful remember most of the quarterbacks that played at Auburn. The fact remains however, aside from Jason Campbell, and Pat Sullivan, few if any have made national headlines.

That leads us to the question.

This Malzahnian offense, can it produce a quarterback that can rewrite the books at Auburn, win, and create the buzz that could bring more favorable attention to the Loveliest Village?

If in it’s first year at Auburn, Chris Todd can set a new Touchdown passing record, the answer seems simple enough. Why, yes it can!
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