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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where Do We Go From Here?

Gus Malzahn Has Tigers Eying An SEC Championship(photographer unknown)  

Now that we have settled into the start of the 2016 Football season. 

Wait. What?

Of course I know it's only February 10th. What kind of silly question is that? Oh, I see. 

Let me explain it to you. Around here there are two halves to the annual college football season. 

The first half starts of course, when all the up and coming gridiron heroes that were playing high school football last season, choose where they will play their college football. The world knows it as National Signing Day. Those of us that have given our sport hearts to our favorite team see this as the start of the new football season.

Before the end of the first half, we will be witness to such things as Spring football practices, and the annual Spring game(s). Many media  publications will barrage us with their "Way Too Early" posts, and rankings. We will see and hear about which new player on any given team shall be the newest star. 

The second half the football season starts with SEC Media Days, and ends with the College Football Championship game.

Now do you understand? Good. Now, where was I?

The Auburn Tiger football team has many questions to find answers to this year. 

Who will start at Quarterback, and will we see improved consistency at this position? 

Who will replace Shon Coleman and Avery Young along the offensive line. 

Will the new Tiger offensive line coach, Herb Hand, deliver the same quality and dependable play along the front as former coach J.B. Grimes?

Can Gus Malzahn field an offensive unit that doesn't require changing personnel every time it reaches the Red Zone?

Will Kevin Steele develop a Top 10 defense that Gus Malzahn said he had all the pieces to do so?

With 4 consecutive Top 10 recruiting classes, is there any reason Auburn can't compete for an SEC title?

There are many more questions and I think you get the point. Auburn, namely Gus Malzahn, has to turn on the jet packs and fly high as it did in 2013. Another season of faltering in Amen Corner will be disastrous. 

Where we go from here is a question only Gus Malzahn can answer. Simply put this Auburn Tiger team must win and win big. 

I have little doubt that the talent is on campus already, with more talent coming in the middle of summer, for this team to elevate itself above the middle of the pack SEC football programs. It will take heart, lots of hard work, and excellent coaching to achieve any championship goals they most assuredly have. 

To all of the newcomers that signed to play at Auburn, I welcome you. I salute you. Now, lets get to work. After all, it is in our creed that we enjoy the hard work it takes to rise above the rest and become champions. To become Auburn Men.

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