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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Day at Auburn University

I was in Auburn last Saturday to watch the second baseball game of the season against Sacramento State and to serve as a volunteer tour guide. Here are some of the photos that I took as I moved around Auburn's campus on Saturday. The campus was busy as I arrived on Saturday morning. Auburn had a baseball game, a swim meet, a basketball gamed a science fair scheduled. Also, I noticed some football recruits roaming the campus. It was a great day to be on Auburn's campus if you were a visitor or a former student like myself.   

The top photo is Langdon Hall where I spent my Sunday evenings watching free movies with other Auburn students. I even remember taking an Art Appreciation class in that building. As you may know, Langdon Hall is the oldest building on Auburn's campus and it is alleged that the building was haunted.

Samford Hall has now been refurbished and there were numerous people taking photos in front of this historic building. I spent many afternoons studying under the trees near that building.

I wonder how many people actually know that "Erk  Russell" attended Auburn University from 1946-1949.  Many of my UGA friends still think that he attended Georgia since he was the defensive coordinator for so many years. Erk lettered in 4 sports at Auburn and got his bachelors and masters degrees from Auburn. Erk Russell went to Ensley High School in Birmingham, Alabama with my mother and my uncle and he was known as Erskine around the neighborhood.  I had the opportunity to talk with Erk at a Georgia Southern football game one Saturday afternoon and he told me that his heart was always at Auburn. 

The Auburn scoreboard is looking good and was a topic of conversation for the many visitors on campus last Saturday.  It was interesting to watch the kids and the parents on campus just stopping to look up at the scoreboard as they walked to the various events around campus.

The Auburn Football trailer was sitting near the practice field. It is waiting for the next football season to begin.

My final photo is my view of the baseball field from he upper level 
of the parking deck near the end of the game. It does seem to be a great area to tailgate and watch the baseball games.

The Auburn campus is growing each time that I visit. I always seem to be at peace when I do visit the campus.  I always had good days when I was in school at Auburn and I will always be thankful that I chose Auburn to continue my education in this life. As the saying goes, "It  is great to be an Auburn Tiger".

War Eagle!

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