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Friday, February 5, 2016

Auburn Finishes 2016 Recruiting Class


That's the only word for it, really. 

After a dismal finish to their 2014 season, and a disaster throughout the 2015 season. Plus, the former defensive coordinator left for the head coaching position in South Carolina, and he took 3 position coaches with him. All from the defensive side of the ball I might add.

This Auburn coaching staff worked like crazy and ended up with a Top 10 recruiting class  Considering the obstacles against this staff, the #9 ranked class in America is quite the accomplishment.

Auburn ended the day with 21 signees. 

Tashawn Manning has an NCAA waiver and 

won't count against the 25. The total will 

actually be 22 because Auburn includes 

Jamel Dean, who transferred from Texas and 

Kevin Phillips.

What this means is Auburn will have three

scholarships left to use for a transfer or roll 

over into next year's class. Auburn could 

potentially sign 28 next year if this is how it 

ends up. These numbers could fluctuate 

depending on, among other things such as 

transfers, what Stephen Davis Jr. decides 

to do.

This coming season will be monumental in Auburn football. All signs point to a very talented team that will have everything it needs to compete for championships. 

Gus painted himself into a corner saying things like;  "We have the tools to produce a Top 10 defense" "We have targeted this guy as our future QB for 3 years." In several instances Gus expounded on the relationships that were built over the last 2 or 3 years since he's been at Auburn. 

With the 4th consecutive Top 10 recruiting class for this staff, the time is now. It is time to produce a championship caliber football team. In the near future we will examine the players along with their coaches.

We will take a look at Auburn's football schedule, and what it will take to get thru that schedule, and make the College Football Playoff. Until then,

War Eagle!
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