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Monday, June 1, 2015

We Will Be Back

I am still smiling thinking about what we have seen out of the Auburn softball team this year. Of course, I would have loved to see them play on for the championship but I would not be any prouder of them than I am. 

The girls played with guts and heart. They played  two games on Saturday, one going very late into the night. Then they were back on the field again on Sunday. 

The game did not disappoint. They played amazing defense, as did Florida. It was down to the very end.  

They were absolute warriors over the last few days.  I fully believe if they (we) had won that game, the second game was in the bag. 

I must say, I read that from someone else. I originally thought it was Josh over at but he says it was not him. If anyone finds that thought in another blog, please let me know. 

    If you cannot see it well, she has carefully drawn crossed bats
along with a ball and Branndi Melero at bat

I have probably yakked on for days about softball. I loved all of my playing time, and I love helping coach my nieces' team and helping them in all-stars.  I love the game. 

Go with me as I drift a little. I promise I will bring it in for a landing.  I remember one travel ball tournament, almost like it was yesterday. We lost the first game to a team called the "Slick Chicks" on Friday night.  This was before pool play or any of that mess. It was straight double elimination. 

We played all the way through the loser's bracket. I do not recall how many games we played. I do remember playing 3 games in a row. We got all the way through and waited out a winner's bracket game somewhere around 9:00 pm. I remember trying to nap on the sidewalk. 

We had these nifty duffel bags that made excellent pillows. So, we started the elimination game around 10:30 or so. Naturally, we won that game. Bye, bye whatever your team name was. Then, we of course, had to play the Slick Chicks again. 

Bam! We won it easy-peasy. However, when we played the next game (against the SC again) we couldn't get it going. It was somewhere around 1 am or so by this time. We just could not hang on.  

I think this was 14 & under or something. So, exhausted and disappointed, we left with the 2nd place trophy. However, our team stuck together. We only had one move up. We made a vow, on our own, to never have that happen again. 

Of course, we played constant tournaments, so there were many losses. However, when it came that same tournament the next year, we knocked those ol' slick chicks in the eye and sent them running. 

We won that tournament the next year without any losses at all. Mind you, this  CWS business is a whole other level than a state tournament, but I see that same determination in this team. 

I know it will be hard for them without Morgan, Branndi and Mackenzie. In the words of our CamNewton, "You can't buy team chemistry at Wal-Mart" but I have faith in them.  

I believe next year, we will see them back at the World Series and I believe they will leave as champions. When that happens, Morgan, Branndi and Mackenzie can say, "We built that foundation!" 

Until then, AU fans, let's continue to support and encourage them! I feel this run built a bridge between our bigger named sports and our previously lesser supported sports. It was so much fun to see the football players, basketball players, coaches, former coaches and even that radio show host cheering for them!  

Softball, gymnastics, basketball, football and baseball- it's all looking up!
Even though we could not be there today to welcome the team back, the girls wanted to make pictures for them. Until next time, War Eagle!

                       In Em's pic, she has carefully blended two colors to make the exact color of the ball as well as Carlee's catching equipment.

 Well, perhaps our strengths are in softball and not drawing!

War Eagle!
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