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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tribute to Our Seniors

While our hearts are filled with emotion!
You've bravely led your brothers through fire and ice,
And given your Auburn Tigers complete devotion!!

You have sampled the taste of victory sweet;
And have danced on the mountain top!!
Then, when feeling the cold sting of defeat,
You kept fighting and never stopped!!!

You've been examples to your brothers, 
Navigated them safely on a bumpy ride!!
And taught them to handle adversity,
With a "War Eagle" Spirit and Tiger Pride!!

You are a part of Auburn, and you are never alone!!
Through your veins runs blood of orange and blue!!
The Auburn Plains will always be your home;
Wherever you go and whatever you do!!

You are like fabric woven into the family;
And your Auburn Family stands by you!!
We offer our deepest gratitude to all of the seniors,
We are sincerely proud of you!


The Poetic Tiger

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