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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Randy's Thoughts: An Historic Auburn/Bama Game

War Eagle Forever!

The “Iron Bowl” on Saturday night was a game that we will remember as Auburn fans even though it was a losing effort in the end. Auburn played well and put up 44 points and 630 yards of offense on one of the best defenses in America on Saturday night.

 Here are some of my random thoughts on this game after having a few days to think about the loss and to get back home from the Thanksgiving festivities.
  • Did anyone think that we would all witness an Auburn/Alabama game that would end with 99 points and over 1,100 yards of offense for both teams?
  • Nick Marshall will now go down in the Auburn record books for passing for 456 yards against a heralded Alabama defense. Ironically, this was his best game passing the ball and it will go down as a loss.
  • Sammie Coates and Duke Williams were almost impossible to cover as was Amari Cooper for Alabama. Amari Cooper will get the praise since Alabama won this game, but Duke Williams accounted for 121 receiving yards and Sammie Coates had 206 yards. 
  • Auburn was in the “Red Zone” 5 times and had to settle for field goals. I really think that Auburn could have called some running plays and possibly scored a few TDs. Of course, “Roc” Thomas fumbled the first snap of the game and he never saw the field again. Despite his fumble, I would have been using “Roc” in the “Red Zone” due to his speed. Also, Auburn’s offensive line was playing well enough to pave the way for the Auburn running backs.
  • The Nick Marshall interception seemed to be the turning point in this game. Auburn had the momentum prior to the interception. 
  • Amari Cooper caught two TD passes due to a breakdown in Auburn's pass coverage. It does seem that Ellis Johnson had decided to single cover Cooper which has led to his dismissal from the Auburn coaching staff. Of course, Alabama did the same with Duke Williams and Sammie Coates and Cooper’s catches just resulted in a few more TDs.
This loss will effect all of us as Auburn fans and Auburn could have easily won this game. Of course, missed opportunities are a part of football.

The future does look bright for Auburn Football. They will have Jovon Robinson and Kerryon Johnson coming in as running backs to add to the offense and I feel that Jeremy Johnson will set some records at the QB position. Also, I look forward to watching Tray Matthews play at the defensive back or safety position and Carl Lawson should be healthy.

 Now we need to wait and see who Gus will hire as the Defensive Coordinator. I am sure that a change in the defensive philosophy is coming for the 2015 football season.

I wish you all well for the holiday season and War Eagle!

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