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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Muschamp Effect

Montravius Adams/ Auburn Fan Day photo by Randy Comer

Listening to the media, sometimes I can't help but chuckle. The talking heads want to blame Auburn's lack of stellar defensive play on a lack of talent. I say they are wrong!

Since the days of Gene Chizik and Ted Roof, Auburn has recruited highly rated college prospects. That trend has continued through the 2014 class. 

The facts show that Auburn has consistently been inside the Top 10 in recruiting since 2009/2010. Talent is NOT where the problem lies. It's coaching pure and simple. Now, that has changed.

With Auburn's hiring of Will Muschamp, the stage has been set to take the wealth of talent to the next level. A level that Muschamp is all too familiar with. A nationally respected defense with fire and energy enough to handle the best teams in America.

In an interview at the end of his first week Muschamp stated "I watched a lot of game film before I came," he said, "We've got good enough talent for us to be fine."

Let the "experts" talk all they want. Auburn will be really good at defense next season. You read it here first!


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