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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Muschamp vs Bama as Defensive Coordinator

Gus Malzahn/Will Muschamp the "BOOM" Brothers

"Duck Tells"

With the announcement of Coach Boom coming home to Auburn, the Auburn faithful immediately began to hear the backlash from the rival across the state. Things like..Bama just put up 600-plus yards on Florida or Muschamp was defensive coordinator at Texas when Alabama beat them for the national championship. Which are true statements but let's take a step back and look at the big picture for a realistic look into the overall matchup. Nothing like cold hard facts to backup a argument, who am I kidding it's the Iron Bowl rivalry. We never let facts get in the way of ribbing our rival.

It should be able to go unsaid but the difference between leading a team into a game as the head ball coach and being the defensive coordinator are miles apart as far as responsibilities. So I decided to dig into the Muschamp vs Alabama series reflecting Coach Boom as a defensive coordinator.

Coach Boom boast a 5-2 record as a DC vs the Tide. The 2 losses came in 2002 & 2009. Alabama has averaged 150 yards a game rushing during these 7 matchups. It is worth noting both of Alabama wins have occurred when they have rushed for over 200 yards. The Alabama passing game has been ineffective. Bama averages 25 pass attempts with only 12 completions, averaging 153 yards a game thru the air with a low 48% completion rate. Another interesting stat that jumped off the paper to me is Muschamp's defense has at least 1 interception in all 7 games. 

So what does this all mean in the grand scheme of things? Not much, other than to inform the naysayers that he has had alot of success vs Bama. Does it equal success next year vs them? That's TBD but if I was a Bama fan I would be worried about my own defensive coordinator who has allowed 78 points in the last 2 Iron Bowls. That's a average of 39 points a game for Auburn under Gus Malzahn vs the vaunted Tide defense. Combine that with Coach Muschamp's lone responsibility being DC. 

That my friends makes me say BOOM!!!


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