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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The race is on!!!

AU/MISS ST OCT 11 2014


Auburn Tigers dominated LSU last week,;
And in the jungle the ground began to rumble!!
This started a seismic shift in the SEC;
Which caused some teams hopes to crumble!!

Proudly our Tigers are setting the pace!!!
While getting faster and raising the bar higher!!!
We are moving up to the front in this SEC Race!;
And finishing FIRST is our greatest desire!!

We have gained respect, but have more to prove!!
We will let nothing stand in the way!!
We will stay focused on one win at a time;
And improve  with each game we play!!

It will be business as usual in Starkville!!
With pedal to metal we won't let up on the gas!!!
We will take over the  field as if it we are home;
And we are going to be dangerously fast!!!

Mississippi State has some plans of their own,;
And this game may go down to the wire!!
But in the end our Auburn Tigers will be victorious!
We are motivated and we're on fire!!

Our Auburn Tigers will return home with another great win,
Leaving Bulldogs lying helpless on the dog pound floor!!
Shouts of War Eagle will be echoed again and again!!
And the clanging of cowbells will be heard no more!!!

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