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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AUBURN / SO. CAROLINA 10/25/2014

We are halfway through the season;
And there is one thing we have learned,
Everything happens for a reason!
And Championships must be earned!

Football is not just a game we play!;
But how we handle life!
On or off the field, day by day,
Facing adversity and facing strife!!

Sometimes we lose our focus,
We stumble and we fall;
But it's how we get back up to fight,
That keeps us standing tall!!

We may have lost one battle,
But the SEC War still remains!!
Our spirit has not been rattled!
We have nothing to lose, but all to gain!!

We are going on the offensive!
Meeting new challenges one by one!
We are shielded by our defenses!;
And our climb to new heights has just begun!!!

We have wrestled the enemy that lies within!
Our Auburn Tigers are Back!!
Don't count us out!!  Count us in!!
The Gamecocks can't  stop our attack!!

So get ready for some great Auburn football!!!
Saturday is a brand new day!!
Prepare to roll Toomer's Corner again!!

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