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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Score To Settle

AU Tigers/LSU Tigers Oct 4 2014

Auburn knows how it feels to be defeated;

And they've seen the view from the mountain top!
That's what gives them the motivation,
To keep fighting and never stop!!

We WILL NOT let the past define us!!

They are champions and so much more!!
Eagerly, they welcome LSU on our home turf!
Fired up and ready to settle the score!!

Our men are  molded by hard work and greatness!!

The Auburn Tigers are a breed above!!
They are part of the Auburn Family,
Bonded by a strong glue called brotherly love!!

Our younger men are eager to win;

While their seniors are setting the tone!!
Driven by Auburn pride and ambition,
No one man is ever alone!!

Its always great to be an Auburn Tiger Fan!!

Our enthusiasm is what makes our team thrive!!!
As a family, we BELIEVE and have FAITH in our men!!
We look forward to win number five.!!!!

LSU will go home tired And defeated!!

Our TIGERS are better than before!!
They will fight to the end, not backing down!!
This time we are barring the door!!!


The Poetic Tiger

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