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Monday, October 13, 2014

Randy's Thoughts

Saturday was a difficult day for Auburn fans. If you have ever been to Starkville, you will realize that the stadium is designed for the home team's advantage. Along with the constant noise of the cowbells and the loud PA system, I believe that it is the loudest stadium in the SEC. I do feel that Auburn could have won that game on a neutral field or at home.  My observations from this game are:

1) Auburn was unable to score consistently in the "Red Zone". I would prefer to see Auburn go for the TD instead of the field goal when they are close. If you do not score, you will at least leave  the opposing team with bad field position.

2) I was impressed with "Roc" Thomas and I would like to see him get more playing time. I think that he would be good to use in a 2 back system with CAP. Also, "Roc" catches the ball well and I kept thinking screen pass or play action on Saturday.

3) Nick Marshall did not have his best day throwing the ball; however, there were some dropped balls and I noticed that Sammie Coates broke off his route at times. Perhaps Sammie and Nick were not on the same page on some plays. It does seem to me that Nick Marshall ad Duke Williams communicate well on the field. 

4) Of course, I am sure that we have all seen the pass interference call on Sammie Coates. I personally feel that the officiating crew missed that call. It was obvious that the defender had his hands on Sammie Coates and he was just trying to go for the ball. Stan White even said that the penalty was for a possible horse collar at the end of the play before the ref announced offensive pass interference. That call was crucial to the momentum of the game in a hostile environment.

5) It is hard to overcome a 21 point deficit in the first quarter of a football game against a good football team. I do have to give the Auburn football team credit for staying in the game and not giving up. If a few calls and plays had gone Auburn's way, they would have won this football game.

It is time to move on and prepare for the remainder of this football season because Auburn is still in the playoff race.

War Eagle!  
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