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Monday, September 8, 2014

Tigers Marching On

Coach Tuberville prior to Halftime tribute for 2004 team.
photo courtesy of Auburn Athletics Instagram

Last Saturday was a very special day in Auburn. The undefeated 2004 team was honored, the 2014 team worked out some issues against a heavily over matched opponent, and there wasn't any weather delays.

Did anyone notice just how loud that introductory response for former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville was?

Yes, there are concerns going forward as how much the Tigers are going to improve, if any. There are those, I among them, who wonder if this team can improve enough in 10 days to leave a favorable impression on the minds of those on the selection committee for the College Football Playoff. Why would they need to do that, you ask?

It will be 12 days before Auburn visits Kansas State, and then 8 more days before Auburn's Homecoming against La. Tech. Even worse, it will be 15 days after the trip to Manhattan, KS before Auburn plays another conference opponent, LSU. One big game in a 27 day span. The need for an impressionable victory is REAL!

At this juncture in the season, Auburn must win convincingly. No 4th Quarter comebacks, no tip passes for that last second win. This must be a total dismantling of the Kansas State squad, or the reality is, Auburn will suffer in the polls, and in the minds of those on the CFP committee. It's the world we live in now.

We previewed the match-up with Kansas State earlier. They have spent lots of money upgrading their facilities, and the Snyder Family Stadium. It will be full of ravenous Wildcat fans who would love nothing more than knock off an SEC team on national television.Here is to hoping they will be disappointed.

War Eagle!
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