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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Calm Before The Storm

image courtesy of @AUlteredEgo

We fought the elements on Saturday!
It was hot both on and off of the field!!
It was evident that Arkansas came to play!
But our AUburn men were unwilling to yield!!

The AUburn sun was beating down;
Proving almost too much to bear!!
But our tigers dug deep and strength was found;
To protect their home at Jordon-Hare!!

The Johnson / Williams duo worked great together;
While Payne and Grant ramped up the speed!!
Although the heat on the field was not all due to the weather;
A cooling rain would be a relief indeed!!

The halftime rest gave us time to reflect,
And allow some new strategies to form
Then, Marshall's passing and running took effect;
And there was a calm before the storm!!!!

With a streak of lightening, the weather got rough!
And soon the storm clouds began to roll in!!
Our men stayed focused, together and tough;
And Like the BOOM BOOM BOOM of thunder,
Our Tigers Secured their first win!!!!!

Its on now to another game day Saturday;
And we plan to take down the Spartans with a win!
We will hang tough and together with every play;
Then Toomer's Corner will be rolled once again!!!!

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