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Friday, September 19, 2014

"Plains Proud" Auburn Tiger

This was written by a friend of mine!!  I hope it strikes a chord in your Auburn  Heart!!  It sure did mine!!!  
WAR EAGLE.  The Poetic Tiger

photo by CrashMatt

"Plains Proud" Auburn Tiger

I sit and ponder after watching last game,
What will happen to Auburn in 2014?

Last year was a cleansing, a revival of sorts,
From our team and a man that brought hope called Coach Gus!!!

We face bulldogs and rebels and elephants, Oh my! 
But I am an Auburn Tiger with a Mighty Eagle at my side!!!

We fight our battles on fields made of turf,
Through heat and storms and injuries we push!
Adversity I have faced both on and off the field!!!

Toomers, my corner, thought lost for all years;
A place for generations, my fans to enjoy;
That we showed to the world no mere man could ever destroy!!!

So no matter the outcome one thing always rings loud,
That I am an Auburn Tiger, War Eagle and "Plains Proud"!!!


Author Suzette Dye
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