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Monday, September 15, 2014

Auburn Tigers/Kansas State Wildcats---Thursday Sept 18 2014

With an extra week to study,
And an extra week to prepare;
We face our biggest challenge this year,
Far away from Jordan- Hare!!!

Many eyes will be upon us,
As we perform on the national stage!!
The native crowd there will be restless;
And the wildcats full of rage!!

Our Auburn Tigers are a brotherhood of men,
Who are unafraid of a Big 12 team!!
We are ready for the fight to begin,
We have a winning scheme!!!

Our coaching staff has a unique plan 
To keep us fresh and focused on the field,
While wearing them down, man to man, 
Our Auburn a tigers will never yield !!!!

Be sure to expect the unexpected!!
Malzahn's play book is set to amaze!!
As we razzle dazzle the wildcats;
Keeping them confused and dazed!!

We will go to work to settle their waters, 
Bottling it up and keeping it contained!!
Our constant speed will leave them exhausted;
And their energy will soon be drained!!

Then we'll head home in jubilation,
Where Toomer's Corner will be draped in white!!
Our Auburn Tigers are the best in the SEC Nation;
And we will never give up the fight!!!!!

Poetic Tiger

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