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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Musings: Auburn Athletics

photo courtesy of Auburn University Athletics

Hello once again everybody, and War Eagle! 

The young lady in the picture above is Breanna Barksdale.  She is a Sophomore on the Auburn Volleyball team. This team will be doing some damage in conference play this season, and should compete for the conference title.

The Auburn Volleyball team, coached by Rick Nold, will start it's season August 29th,  in Washington, D.C. in tournament play against George Washington. Coach Nold signed the 14th ranked class this past cycle, adding to an already impressive roster.

It's a beautiful July day as I write this post, and I want to share some things before we get back to our preseason look at the upcoming Auburn football schedule.

There are numerous "hype" videos surfacing. Here is one of the better ones. The audio is a little fuzzy, but the action is top notch.

This is late, and my apologies to Caroline McCombs who was named as the new head coach at Stony Brook Seawolves. Sincerest congratulations to Caroline, and much success in the future. 

War Eagle!

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