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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Philip's Legacy

Photo courtesy of Christy G.  (tatershell)
We've been a hurting family for the last few days. We have wanted to help, with no physical way to do so. I've prayed for his family and friends, but wished I could do more. Now, we can.

Yesterday, Philip's family started the process of setting up a foundation in his honor. It takes a significant amount of money to begin a foundation. His family has called it 'Lutzie 43- I know God's Working so I Smile.' Philip's family wants to continue the loving spirit Philip showed everyone while he was here with us. Here is a link to the website.

Lutzie 43- I know God's working so I smile

Please give if you can. Even if it is only a small amount, give anyway. When we put it all together, it will add up. If you are uncomfortable donating online, the Lutzenkirchens have an address in Marietta where a donation can be mailed. Also, any Bank of America will take a donation if you let them know the name 'Lutzie 43- I know God's working so I smile.'

 We know Philip loved other people. Now our Lutzie had a unique way about him, but he showed love everyday to all sorts of people. He had a reach that was almost unbelievable. This would be a way that we can help to continue and keep his love around. We loved him, now let's do something so that others can love him too! We know there were several things Philip was passionate about. One was children with cancer. Another was Youth for Christ.

If you have questions, you can probably contact one of his sisters over twitter. They have all put this information in their twitter timelines. 

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