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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AU vs AU by the Lake

Home Sweet Home

It has just been announced that Auburn and Clemson have agreed to a home and home series beginning in 2016.  from Charles Goldberg at the official Auburn website: 

Auburn and Clemson have agreed on a home-and-home football series that will reunite the old non-conference rivals during the 2016 and 2017 seasons.  
Clemson will visit Auburn on Sept. 3, 2016. Auburn will return the favor Sept. 9, 2017.  
Clemson, from the Atlantic Coast Conference, allows Auburn to fulfill the SEC mandate of playing at least one opponent each year from a power conference. 

While Clemson really needs to be spanked, and put back in their place after the comments made by Dabo Swinney their head coach, the fans of the Auburn Tigers are less than enthusiastic about the choice. 

Count me in as one of the dissenting voices.

It is my opinion that Auburn should reach out further than the Southeast to establish a better name for itself, and for recruiting purposes as well. We have all heard of the tremendous comments that our fan base receives when out of state teams come to visit JHS. We are just as well respected on the road. Why not offer the increased exposure on the newly deployed SEC Network? 

My top choices for opponents include Notre Dame, Oregon State, and UCLA.  These would be great choices for home and home series, plus draw national attention to our great Tigers. Scheduling these games away during the years that Bama and UGA come to JHS would insure their coming to JHS on the years we have to travel to Athens and Tuscaloosa.

War Eagle!
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