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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Something About Samford

photo courtesy of Samford Athletics
There is a legend walking the sidelines at Samford University. His name is Patrick Joseph Sullivan, a fighter, a cancer survivor, and an Auburn Man. 

Pat played on the fields of Cliff Hare stadium as a young man, and brought something special to the Auburn family, our first Heisman Trophy. He brought so much more than just accolades, and victories. Pat Sullivan has shown us all how Auburn Men aught to carry themselves. Class and dignity have been the pillars of his existence, and we would do much worse than to teach our children to model themselves after him.

When the Samford University Bulldogs come to JHS the outcome will never be in question. This game is one thing, and one thing only. Auburn University will give back to it's faithful son, and it's in-state cousin. Many of the Samford players would never have been allowed to play in such a setting as JHS without the connection between their coach and his Alma Mater. 

When these Bulldogs take the field, let's give them a resounding, warm welcome. Give them that special moment that they never have experienced before, 80,000 people cheering them as they enter the field of battle. 

Just consider it a little "thank you" from us, to Pat Sullivan. 

War Eagle!

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