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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looking Forward: 2010 vs 2014

Gus Malzahn is in uncharted territory in some respect. As an offensive coordinator in his previous stint at Auburn, Gus did a fantastic job during the 2010 season with a Senior laden offensive line. Almost every other aspect of his offense that season however, was an unknown to him. 

A Freshman RB would eventually start at the Tail Back position. The other RB was a skinny kid who was fast, but had a propensity for hunting the escape route along the sideline, rather than fight for the extra yards. Mostly unheralded WR's won the starting jobs. An unproven QB was to be named starter. And yet, all that team accomplished was to climb that mountain all the way to the top, and become the King's of college football in 2010.

Toward the end of the 2013 season, Auburn's run games was clicking on all cylinders. Against Tennessee they rushed for   444 yards. Against Georgia 323 yards. Bama 296. Against Missouri for the SEC Championship, the tigers put on a clinic by rushing for 545 yards on the way to the title.

Fast forward to 2014, and we find Gus Malzahn in a place he has never been. A proven WR corps with some quality additions. 3/4ths of the starting backfield returning. Although the starting tailback is gone, his relief from last season is a proven commodity. The same starter at QB from a team that won the SEC the previous season. In addition to once again having a Senior laden offensive line. The prospects of a really good season ahead are all laid out.

Let's take a look at that offense against arguably one of the best Bama defenses.I'll leave it to your imagination as how much better this Auburn team will be in 2014. Let;s talk about it in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook.

*special thanks to barrelheadrad for the video...

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