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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rudy Ford: Iron Man

These former Auburn coaches know a thing or two about "Iron Man" football

Playing "Iron Man" football has become a forgotten art form. In the early days of football in general, if you were good enough to play, you played both ways. Offense, and Defense. That was labeled as "Iron Man" in later years as some positions became more specialized. The Quarterback position was one of the first to become specialized. If a team had a really good QB that could throw and run, well you didn't want to risk him getting injured in the scrum of defensive tackling.

Last Saturday against Western Carolina, Johnathan "Rudy" Ford came into the game as a reserve.He played both offense and defense. I wonder when the last time a college football player came in as a reserve on both sides of the ball. That Auburn's "Iron Man" is nicknamed "Rudy" makes the story that much more compelling.

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