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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Thoughts on A & M

Toomer's Corner after Auburn defeated TAMU 2013

According to Miriam-Webster the meaning of the word Physicality is this;
:  intensely physical orientation :  predominance of the physical usually at the expense of the mental, spiritual, or social
:  a physical aspect or quality 
Let me add another description. Auburn football! 

What I witnessed on Kyle Field this past Saturday was a show of intense desire to overcome all odds on a march to victory. 

The much maligned position on the Auburn offense has unquestionably been the receiving corps. Suffering dropped passes, and occasional fumbles, missed blocking assignments and bad route running. Saturday, this same group made a statement. Someone earlier in the week said that this would be a "statement game." Belive me when I say a statement was made by Sammie Coates, and the rest of the AU offense. You can include Marcus Davis in that as well, the wheel route catch in the 4th quarter was a thing of beauty. Sheer determination and will power was on display as time after time the Auburn offense answered the call, and scored touchdown after glorious touchdown to keep pace with the ever explosive Texas A & M team.

The Auburn defense gave up some big plays, and made some big plays of their own. Interceptions, sacks, and tackles for loss a plenty. They never quit! Think about that for a minute. This same Auburn team was abused at home last year by A & M. They would have none of that this season however, as the game wore on, Auburn's defense did not wear out.
This was a complete team win. Every aspect of Auburn's team came together to deliver  a shock to the football world. On a day when several highly ranked teams lost to the underdog opponents, this game may get overlooked by some. Let me warn you now, overlook this Auburn team at your own peril. Because baby, we're coming!

Enjoy the game highlights provided by AUHD and Auburn Athletics

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