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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Poem by; Marlene Little Appleton

photo courtesy of Auburn Athletics by Todd Van Emst

When The Auburn Tigers arrived at College Station,
They were filled with confidence and they BELIEVED!!
They knew that the sky was their only limit ;

and an Auburn victory could be achieved!!

They BELIEVED they could contain Johnny Football;
And render him defenseless and alone!
They BELIEVED they could overcome the Aggies,
And bring disruption to their happy home!!

Our Auburn Tigers BELIEVE miracles can happen,
when hard work and faith collide!!
And they BELIEVE in banding together
on this fast and uphill ride!!

They BELIEVE in doing what is working,;
Accepting there is always room to improve!!
Knowing that each victory is one step closer to success;
And they are focused and on the move!!

They BELIEVE that teamwork
is essential for their solid band of brothers!!
That no one must carry the load alone!;
And each one can count on the other!!

The Auburn Family BELIEVES in our Tigers,
and we are extremely proud!
We BELIEVE in shouting WAR EAGLE”!;
And We BELIEVE in getting loud!!!

Our men BELIEVE in fighting to the finish!!
Always searching for a way to win!!!
They BELIEVE that by hard work and persevering,
They can be first in the Nation again!!

Your Auburn Family BELIEVES you are champions;
We BELIEVE the top is closer than it seems!!
So keep BELIEVING in yourselves Auburn Tigers!!
You must never lose sight of your dreams!!!


poetic tiger
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