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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Thoughts on Ole Miss

First let's look at the entrance of the Auburn Tigers into Jordan-Hare Stadium thanks to this video from Auburn Athletics.

Auburn started on defense, and gave up a couple of first downs. that led to a field goal for Ole Miss.
 On the Rebels second possession, Robenson Therezie caught lightening in a bottle with a pick six that electrified the home crowd. Apparently it electrified the voice of the Auburn Tigers Rod Bramblett, when during the interception return he excitedly yelled out "tail lights". His meaning was clear, Therezie had broken into the clear and was going to score.

 Defensively I have to say we played the best game of the season thus far. 6 sacks, 17 QB hurries, 14 tackles for a loss, and two interceptions. That's a pretty good night in anyone's book.

Auburn's offense looked really good at times. Putting together drives of 80, 80, and 75 yards would normally be a great night. A few of those other drives however, crossed midfield and yielded zero points and a fumble lost.

 A couple of offensive three and outs, and our defense was being tested instead of rested.  

 Without the pick six the offense still managed to score 23 points, and that would have been enough to win the game. This young team still has to learn to finish a game. When you have a conference opponent on the ropes and you are at home, you have to put them away.

This is how big this game had become. Not only were we as fans using this game as a measuring stick. There were many saying that this game may mean everything as to Auburn's potential post season plans. It's safe to say there will be post season play in a Bowl game. Now, which Bowl. Let's just take it one step at a time, shall we?


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