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Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's Get Ready To Rumble: Part 2

Date Game Location Time
08/31/13 vs. Washington State TV Auburn 6:00 PM CT
09/07/13 vs. Arkansas State TV Auburn 6:30 PM CT
09/14/13 vs. Mississippi State TV Auburn 6:00 PM CT
09/21/13 at LSU Baton Rouge TBA
10/05/13 vs. Ole Miss Auburn TBA
10/12/13 vs. Western Carolina (HC) Auburn TBA
10/19/13 at Texas A&M College Station TBA
10/26/13 vs. Florida Atlantic Auburn TBA
11/02/13 at Arkansas Fayetteville TBA
11/09/13 at Tennessee Knoxville TBA
11/16/13 vs. Georgia Auburn TBA
11/30/13 vs. Alabama Auburn TBA

  •  When we last looked at the schedule and how I think Auburn will fare, I had us winning 3 and losing 1(LSU). That gets us to the Bye Week, and a chance to get some people healed after what will surely be a physical game in Baton Rouge.

     Let's look at the middle part of the schedule, and what will be the easiest stretch of games in 2013.  Only one of those two conference games will be on the road, hence the aforementioned "easiest stretch".

     Ole Miss
      The Rebel Black Bears have improved dramatically under the guidance of their head coach, Hugh Freeze. After going Bowl-less since 2009, Freeze had the program in a Bowl game in his first season. 

     More than 20 Seniors return for the RBB's which is always a good thing for any program. Add into the mix that percentages indicate the second year of any staff "should" lead to much improved play on the field. Ole Miss will not be a pushover.

     Auburn will have the advantage here though, in that they are at home, and after 4 games into the schedule, the offense should be gaining a lot of momentum. In my mind this game is a toss up. In that situation, I always defer to the home team. Auburn 27 Ole Miss 24 in OT

     Western Carolina
      The last thing I want to do is talk down about any team. After all the Northern Illinois team taught us that anything is possible.
     Cinderella won't be making an appearance this day. Auburn has its homecoming, and wins BIG!

     Texas A & M
    OH boy! 
  •  Last year Auburn was embarrassed at home by the Aggies, and eventual Heisman Award winner Johnny Manziel. The AU defense gave up the most points at home in the modern era.
  • Rob Pate, then of Eyes On Auburn sports blog had this to pen:
  •   A game plan shredded on both sides of the ball. Execution extinct. Pride nonexistent. Effort questionable at best. The most defunct Auburn football team in the history of Auburn football sunk to a new low Saturday night which is sure to usher in sweeping changes throughout the athletics department.

  •   Rob turned out to be exact in his remarks about the sweeping changes that have come since then. 
  •  This year, the question that will be asked is: Have the Tigers come far enough back to compete with the likes of Texas A & M? 
  •  Head football coach Kevin Sumlin has had success with first year QB's, so whether or not Manziel plays is of no consequence. The lack of Senior experience, and leadership will be the deciding factor. I give Auburn the edge in that department.
  •  If I am right, and Auburn is 5-1 coming into this game, they should be ranked in the Top 25, and the game should be a night game. Kyle Field is an electric place to watch a football game, and those Auburn fans that travel will enjoy themselves. At least, for the most part. 
  •  I see this game as a really close, high scoring affair, and with the Aggies at home they have the victory 38 -35

  • Florida Atlantic
  •  See Western Carolina, subtract Homecoming, and Auburn still wins BIG!
  • Next issue we will finish the season projections, and look at where we may play our Bowl Game. Yes! I guarantee Auburn will go Bowling this year, maybe even the first part of next year. ( wink )


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