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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Keys To Success: Linebacker

 If Auburn is to have any defensive success at all this season it will depend largely on the play of its linebackers. This position has been a sore spot with the fans recently. 

 Since the 2010 season, we have not had steady play at linebacker, and our record hasn't been good at all against our rivals. 

 Gone with Josh Bynes, and Craig Stevens are the days of real dependability. Things were so bad during the last two seasons we had to depend on a converted Safety in Daren Bates to be the starter.
 Bates did turn in the defensive play of the year last season.

 One player the Auburn faithful are hoping will finally give us that rock solid play making ability is Cassanova McKinzy. Here is a video of McKinzy with the media via AUHD.

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