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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You Were There: Auburn/LSU September 17, 1994

 I was asked to assist with the 1994 World Mountain Biking Championship in Vail, Colorado and I took the assignment without even thinking that it might interfere with watching the Auburn/LSU game. I realized my error in judgement and thought that I would be able to catch the game in one of the nice brewpubs in Vail. 
 I arrived in Vail and attended to my assignments anxiously awaiting the kickoff.  I finished up my day and looked for a place to watch the game. I was sure that there had to be a football fans in Vail wanting to watch some football; however,  no one in the bars in Vail or at the event seemed to be aware that college football games were being played in the USA on that Saturday.
 I finally located one of the news stations covering the mountain bike racing and was able to get an update on the game. They gave me a score of  LSU 23 Auburn 9 in the 4th quarter so I immediately thought that the game was lost.
 I returned to help out with a mountain bike race and made my way back to Denver thinking that Auburn had lost the game. On the way back to Denver on I-70, I stopped at a bar to get some college score updates and their TV was broken. May I say now, that I have learned to never take my HDTV or iPhone for granted.

 I probably went 5 hours without knowing any football scores for the first time of my life. I had dinner plans with friends in Colorado Springs later that night. I arrived for dinner and I was met at the door by my friends congratulating me on the Auburn win. I was surprised. Auburn had somehow come back to win the game against LSU that day 30-26.

 They were all watching the Colorado game, but I was able to see the replays of the game and I realized that I had just missed an important game of my life that I will never get back. I heard that Jim Fyffe was incredible that day.
 There were 11 total turnovers in the game for both teams and Auburn had 6 interceptions.  Auburn's offense sputtered all day and only had 165 yards and no touchdowns. It was another classic Auburn/LSU game and I will always regret not attending that game in Auburn on 9/17/94. If you were at that game, I am sure that you came away saying that it was one of the best Auburn games that you have seen. As for me, I only have the highlights on the internet and a stat sheet.
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