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Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Were There: AU vs. UF 2006

 2006 was a strange year for the Auburn Tigers. A preseason Top 10 ranking and a shot at another SEC Championship was in order. Maybe it was the pressure of being ranked so high early in the season, maybe this team needed time to jell. In any case they fell short of their goals once again under  the guidance of head coach Tommy Tubberville.

 The Tigers of 2006 had started out of the gate with 5 consecutive victories including a nail biter against LSU where they won 7 to 3. Then an inexplicable loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks, who scored 27 points on what was supposed to be a very good defensive unit at Auburn. Tubberville hated losing, but especially at home. The Florida game started out much the same way until Coach Tubberville challenged his defense to "Man UP". Quentin Groves took it personally, and the results are worth watching. Enjoy!
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