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Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Were There: 2005 Iron Bowl

 This game was special in many ways. It's always great to beat Alabama, even in a simple game of checkers, but this year was special for a different reason. 

 Auburn's defense was showing signs of being very good. They had trouble playing consistently great, although when they were, they could shut down anyone in the country. Alabama ran into an Auburn defense that had it's ears pinned back, and ready to take down the Tide.

 While every Iron Bowl has a significance all its own, they only occasionally end up with true nicknames. Most of the Auburn games with nicknames are with LSU, such as the "Barn Burner", "The Interception" or the "Earthquake" games. This 2005 meeting of the Iron Bowl however, sparked the bumper sticker "Honk if You Sacked Brodie" 

 It was a very special day to play along the defensive front for the men in Blue!

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