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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I have been in Birmingham, Alabama since the weekend to assist my nephew with buying a car. We finally found a car within his price range and I took the car to the Express oil change location in Trussville, Alabama yesterday afternoon for an inspection and oil change.
 One of the guys approached me and asked if I had attended Auburn University because he saw the Auburn decal on my iPhone. I told him that I had attended Auburn from 1972. to 1976.
 He stated that he was Alec Brown, who I know from as a tight end who is going to walk-on to Auburn's football team this summer. Alec was a tight end for Hewitt Trussville and is looking forward to the experience.
 He was very polite and did a great job on my nephew's car. I look forward to watching Alec play. You can check him out on Twitter. He reminds me of another great tight end that is now headed to the St. Louis Rams to play. 

Welcome to Auburn University Alec. May you enjoy the experience as much as I did.

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