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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Thoughts On Selena Roberts' Attack

The "War Eagle" spirit can't be broken.

 I don’t know Selena Roberts, and it’s probably a good thing I don’t. We have so little in common, that I know we could never be any more than acquaintances. How do I know we have so little in common? First, she attended Auburn University’s School of Journalism. I never attended Auburn University in any capacity other than that of a fan.

 Some of my twitter followers are studying journalism at AU right now. This is about as close as I can come to a common ground. Oh yeah, that and Selena and I both write about Auburn sports. I have chosen to express the positives about the school and its sports programs that I have fallen so head over heels in love with. I leave to your discretion how to describe Selena’s sports writing of all things Auburn.

 I am not a journalist. I would never discredit those that actually have little need of spell check, and grammar usage from a Microsoft software program. I would do nothing more than prove my lack of a higher education on a daily basis without this software aide.

 To call myself a journalist would be a slap in the face of all those that have trained, worked and toiled in the schooling and business of actual journalism.

 The lead up to this has been to emphasize the absolute astonishment I felt at her attack of the Auburn football program. Not only was I setback with the latest attack, but her overall attitude toward our gridiron teams of past and present. Accusations of such nature that while grandiose in nature, yet were refuted or proven totally false within hours of her latest attempt. An attempt at tearing down the football program that so many of us hold so dear.

 I am puzzled as to why someone with obvious connections to an institution would work so tirelessly at tearing it down. How can you not love Auburn? I fell in love with the place the first time I went there as a high school student. That love has done nothing but grow. I just don't understand why.

 The gutter is filled with many vermin. The likes of Finebaum, and Updyke fill the slime ridden surface of the place where Selena Roberts has taken her professional level of journalism, if indeed that can be termed professional. The reason she has chosen to do so escapes me.

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